EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK is back, with this years theme being “Safe Walking and Cycling”. Active transport modes such as walking and cycling have a positive affect not only on the environment (for being emission-free) but also on our health and our finances. Taking place from 16-22 September, participating cities host a range of activities to celebrate sustainable transport, introduce measures to show commitment of the town/city to sustainable urban mobility and conclude with a Car-Free Day!

Since its beginning in 2002, EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK is an annual initiative organised by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) aimed to improve quality of life and public health through the promotion of sustainable urban transport and clean mobility. The campaign places citizens in the middle and gives them a chance to explore the role of city streets and experiment with practical solutions to tackle urban challenges, such as air pollution. It also provides the perfect opportunity to present sustainable mobility solutions to local residents and to explain the challenges that towns and cities are facing. By participating, towns and cities can showcase the benefits of clean transport and make progress towards better mobility in Europe.

Local authorities are encouraged to participate and use the week to test new transport measures in an effort to receive feedback from the public. Local stakeholders can also use this week to get together and discuss the different aspects of mobility and air quality, while finding innovative solutions to reduce car-use and transport emissions.

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