On 18 and 19 September 2019, the FIA Region I represented ELVITEN at the 7th World Collaborative Mobility Congress, namely wocomoco 2019, in Bern (Switzerland) for the second time in a row.

Wocomoco2019 gathered key players from across the transport sector to exchange their personal visions and present their company services designed to further innovate the markets of shared mobility. The event covered issues such as demand-responsive transport, automated mobility, shared and connected cars, blockchain-ended co-mobility transport, individualised public transport services, and micro and active mobility.

The congress’ purpose is to gather key actors from across the transport sector, in order to exchange personal visions and present company services designed to further innovate the markets of shared mobility. The wocomoco event was organised in the framework of a broader event, the Swiss Mobility Arena 2019, hosted by the TCS Mobility Academy. Taking place during the European Mobility Week from 16 to 19 September 2019, this four days event brought together the entire Swiss transport sector and many of the most innovative mobility players from around the world.

The ELVITEN project was showcased at the exhibition stand. FIA Region I together with project partner KYBURZ Switzerland AG demonstrated one of the Electric Light Vehicles to the event participants at the exhibition area. Additionally, the FIA’s Region I Programmes Director Olivier Lenz presented ELVITEN’s development and impact since its launch in November 2017 at the session: “Bike- & Micro-Sharing” with a presentation: “Rolling out electric mobility in European cities – the case of ELVITEN project”.



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