ERTICO-ITS Europe hosted its first Virtual Conference, ‘Empowering mobility with secure and accessible data’, supported by Partner BlackBerry on 3-4 June 2020. Nearly 500 participants attended the virtual conference, participants had an opportunity to question the panellists on key issues such as the European Data Strategy, making businesses more data-agile, cyber-security and the transport landscape post COVID19.

The virtual conference aimed to address the challenges that are underpinning the effectiveness and safety in mobility and the potential for data sharing at a time when a new mobility paradigm is being created. The European Commission, public authorities and cities, as well as industry stakeholders involved in ITS, mobility data providers and cybersecurity experts came together to discuss and answer questions about the future of mobility in the post-COVID era. Jacob Bangsgaard, ERTICO CEO said: “Despite the health crisis, as a sector we need to stay on track, readjust our priorities, continue the roadmap of change and prepare for new intelligent mobility schemes in a paradigm governed by our urge to move versus our need to be safe.”

Over two days, four distinct panels discussed the new and innovative developments taking place in the mobility sector. Under the Data powered mobility in COVID-19 times, ELVITEN project was presented to the participants by Dr. Evangelia Portouli from ICCS. In the presentation, she explained the project overview, objectives and data collection. She also presented how the COVID-19 has changed the demonstration in the six cities.

She expressed: ‘In normal times, we visit cities and collect data with the eventual aim of preparing proposals for transport authorities to incorporate these vehicles in their transport infrastructure. Following the pandemic, of course these trips stopped. We then took the opportunity of offering these vehicles to local delivery services for supermarkets. Goods were delivered within strict social distancing rules. We have now been able to see that there is a much wider scope for these vehicles and a good business case for them in our society.’

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