On 21 October, ELVITEN project participated in a workshop on ‘What technology mix to achieve zero net carbon energy carriers in road transport by 2050?’ which was jointly organised by EGVIA (European Green Vehicles Initiative Association) and ERTRAC (European Road Transport Research Advisory Council) in Brussels.

The workshop highlighted Ursula von der Leyen’s goal to achieve zero carbon by 2050. A further goal is to protect EU’s citizens from air pollution. Hybrid and electric vehicles are an important means in the EU’s strategy. Therefore, the next steps include that innovations should be better considered, as well as an extension of studies beyond tire to wheel and air pollution (regulated and non-regulated) that need to be addressed.

Furthermore, speakers from major institutions tackling this issue provided an overview of what is at stake for the future and tried to answer the technical workshop’s title. The event concluded with an interesting panel on a current key trend in the transport sector: Electrification. EGVIA’s Chairman Stefan Neugebauer stated that: “Electrification is a short term solution to reach the 2030 CO2 targets, but it requires further efforts to reach full move away from fossil fuels, in particular for use in heavy-duty vehicles, through biofuels and synthetic fuels”. However, the use of biofuels can also be criticised, as the issue of air pollution remains unsolved. ELVITEN joined the workshop by promoting electrification in the transport sector and distributing project leaflets and giveaways.

Find more information about the event here.

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