ELVITEN project partner in Trikala organised on 26 October 2019, the 2nd city workshop. The local event took place at the GiSeMi Innovation Hub in Trikala. The attendees of the event (around 30 participants) were encouraged to take a ride in one of 4-wheeler Electric Light Vehicles (EL-Vs) which are provided for project demonstrations in Trikala.

Mr Odisseas Raptis (CEO of e-trikala S.A.), kicked off the workshop by welcoming the participants. He presented the ELVITEN project in detail, the original idea behind the project (why EL-Vs are not well known and used) and how the ELVITEN project acts as a solution to this challenge. Mr Charis Kalliaras (Special Advisor to the Mayor) held a presentation about the usage of EL-Vs for building sustainable urban mobility. He talked about the example from Trikala regarding the state of LVs/ELVs, how to improve the potential of use of ELVs and how ELVITEN is acting in this regard.

Mr George Gorgogetas (e-trikala) talked about the challenges regarding the project in Trikala so far, the demonstration status and the users. He pointed out that many people were acquainted with use of EL-Vs for the first time through ELVITEN. He also stressed that ELVITEN users enjoy riding these vehicles and their usage can have a positive impact in the city center that is often congested by regular cars. A number of e-bikes were provided at the event premises for participants during a coffee break. Mr Vasilis Apostolakoulis (e-trikala) presented ELVITEN users’ opinions and their problems such as: vehicles battery issues and their limited mirror view of the road on the sides.

Q&A session concluded the 2nd city workshop in Trikala, with topics such vehicles’ safety, city infrastructure, charging points and future sustainability of the ELVITEN project and EL-Vs.

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