The ELVITEN project will soon start the demonstration of Electric Light Vehicles (EL-Vs) in the city of Trikala. From the end of this month, citizens of Greece’s first smart city will start seeing around the ELVITEN three-wheelers and four-wheelers EL-Vs.

In total, the city of Trikala is deploying 10 tricycles and 10 quadricycles which has been provided by the Swiss company Kyburz, one of the 21 project partners. The objective of these demonstrations is to evaluate the usefulness of this specific type of vehicles in Trikala, make Trikala’s citizens more familiar with the EL-Vs and finally encourage ICE vehicle users to switch to more sustainable means of transportation.

The deployment of the EL-Vs in Trikala, one of the six ELVITEN locations, will be accompanied by an awareness campaign in which all citizens are welcome to participate by sharing the #LetsGoElectric over the social media everytime they see one of the electric vehicles and share their opinions over electromobility.

With the objective of encouraging citizens to contribute to make Trikala a more sustainable and greener city, the ELVITEN partners in the city has put in place a number of incentives for those achieving the highest record toward using ELVITEN services and apps. The awards will range from useful everyday goodies (e.g. bottles of water, mugs, helmets etc.), to more entertaining services such as free cinema tickets, Mill of Elves Magic Park Free cards and Mill Of Elves gift Packages, free swimming pool subscription and much more.

Stay tuned for what is coming next!

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