On 17 April, Trikala, ELVITEN partner e-Trikala hosted an open air event in the central square to introduce the five vehicles that will be offered for the purpose of touring, riding and simple daily tasks. Located at the Information Centre (InfoPoint), the event attracted citizens from all over the city interested in getting more informed, registering for the project and trying the vehicles.

Present at the event was the Mayor of Trikala, Dimitris Papastergiou. He gave a speech about the continuation of actions for sustainable mobility as well as the combination of green movements with green investment projects. The chairman of e-Trikala, Yannis Kotoulas, spoke about the essence of the program, namely the free movement of citizens, and the extraction of useful conclusions regarding the behaviour and benefits of electrification in cities and sustainable mobility.

Under the ELVITEN program, the testing of electric light vehicles will take place over a period of one year in Trikala along with the other five participating cities. In Trikala, there is a total of ten vehicles (five tricycles and five quadricycles) produced by KYBURZ will be tested. The tricycles EL-Vs are offered for common use to suppliers of light goods, while quadricycles are offered to citizens and visitors. The use of the vehicles are supported by booking services as well as through applications for collecting points in order to receive rewards and provide incentives for users.

The ELVITEN project (http://www.elviten-project.eu), co-funded by the European Commission through the HORIZON 2020 program, aims to promote the use of light-duty electric vehicles (EL-Vs) such as bicycles, scooters, tricycles and quadricycles, as a comfortable means of transportation in the cities. #letsgoelectric


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