The Comune di Roma and S3Transportation have teamed up to bring ELVITEN to the Eternal City!

The city of Rome is located in the central-western part of Italy and is the capital of Italy and of the Lazio region. It is the most populous city in Italy (with over 4 million residents) and the 4th most populous city in the European Union. Rome is one of the oldest and continuously occupied sites in Europe. Known as the Eternal City, it is a cosmopolitan of globally influential historical, cultural and archaeological heritage.

The municipality of Rome is administered over XV (15) Districts. District IX (located in the South of Rome) will be the location of the ELVITEN demonstrations. Sixty-four percent of the territory of the city is covered in hills, with seventy percent of District IX covered in hills (forty percent slightly highly, thirty percent very hilly). Sixty-eight percent of the city is covered in green areas. Public transportation in Rome consists of bus, metro, railways and trams. Despite limited parking for private transportation, public transportation performs poorly in comparison. During peak times during the week, passengers wait an average of 32 minutes for the bus and 10 to 15 for the metro and tram (respectively). The city also limits the amount of traffic in their four Limited Traffic Zones (LTZ). These zones are only accessible through permit and the cost varies depending on the proximity to the city centre and the type of engine.

The Municipality of Rome is promoting electric mobility via free access to the LTZ and deploying a wide network of charging stations. At the moment there are 118 with an expected increase to 300 in the near future. ELVITEN brings 60 eBikes to District IX to promote integrated and sustainable mobility. There will be 8 e-Hubs located in the IX Town Hall, which are innovative charging stations that also allow parking of the eBikes. There are some stands located near the Eur Laurentina and Eur Magliana metro stations, along with other strategic areas of the IX Municipality (such as Via di Acqua Acetosa Ostiene, Guiseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa or Adrea Meldola, Fonte Meravigliosa). The booking of the eBikes are done through the ELVITEN app, which provides free testing of the EL-Vs with approved and registered helmets and license. In Rome, ELVITEN targets owners, sharers and delivers.

Stay tuned for more details about ELVITEN in Rome!

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