On 30 and 31 October 2019 the ELVITEN project 5th General Assembly and Steering Committee meetings were held in Zurich. The consortium partners met to discuss the status of the ELVITEN project and future plans for the last year of the H2020 funded project. The meeting was hosted by ELVITEN’s partner KYBURZ Switzerland AG which is providing the electric light vehicles for the project demonstrations in Genoa and Trikala.

The General Assembly was opened by ELVITEN’s coordinator – Dr. Angelos Amditis who highlighted  the most important phase of collecting the data provided by ELVITEN ELVs users, trips, dashboard and ICT tools. During the assembly project partners discussed ELVITEN’s progress status within the last months with a special focus on ongoing demonstrations in project cities: Bari, Berlin, Genoa, Malaga, Rome and Trikala. As part of the GA meeting in Zurich project partners participated in KYBURZ Switzerland AG company visit with a few tour options e.g. production and supply chain management; second life vehicle, lithium battery recycling, service, research & development.

So far, some tangible achievements within the project have been made. The daily collected data coming from ELVITEN’s trips, users experience and supporting ICT tools in each city are publicly available via dashboard on ELVITEN website . All the project cities offer a short or long term use of ELVs for registrered users and demonstrations will continue till April 2020. Project partners from Berlin and Trikala have already organised the second city workshops. The remaining city partners will follow with such workshops by the end of November. The main goal of organising 2nd city workshop is  to single out the criticalities and the difficulties for improving the attractiveness of the demonstrated ELV services, tools and incentives. Furthermore, the ELVITEN project has entered the next phase of analysing the gathered data and it moves further to create the aimed business models plans to boost the potential for the market uptake of EL-Vs, as well as to create an exploitation strategy and innovation management plan. Moreover, the number of Regional Support Groups members have increased and reached already 70 supporters.

The ELVITEN project promotes innovation, sustainability and connected urban mobility in Europe through demonstrating the usefulness of electrified L-category vehicles for urban transportation.

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