On 17 January 2019 and under the theme ‘Making Agile The New Stable’, smart city network Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) organised its annual Connected Smart Cities Conference in Brussels. This event, dedicated to cities, policy-makers, start-ups, innovators and representatives from research and academia, was the perfect opportunity to network and to exchange ideas on smart cities.

Along with other projects engaging with the idea of smart cities, the ELVITEN project participated with a stand where attendees had the chance to learn more about how ELVITEN is contributing to make cities smarter and more sustainable.

The different sessions of the Connected Smart Cities Conference 2019 touched four main topics: Technology, Future, Sustainability and Economic Fund. Speakers included, among others, personalities from a variety of domains: politics (Roberto Viola, Director General DG Connect), city officials (City of Helsinki, City of Porto, City of Antwerp, City of Ghent, City of Bordeaux, City of Amsterdam and City of Eindhoven) and various organisations (ERTICO, International Telecommunication Union, EUROCITIES, …).

Open & Agile Smart Cities is a non-profit international smart city network connecting more than 120 cities on three continents.

You can find videos about the plenary sessions and pictures of the entire event by clicking here.

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