On 23 January 2020, the Municipality of Genoa and Duferco Energia invited users, local authorities, the project’s partners and other project stakeholders to celebrate the ELVITEN Project Go Live in Genoa and to demonstrate the functionalities of the charging areas.

The event took place in one of the 4 ELVITEN areas close to the Piazza Principe train station in Genoa. Participants in the event could try electric vehicles and ELVITEN services to charge their electric bikes, motorbikes and quadricycles. All charging points can be reached free of charge until the end of the projected (October 2020) by simply registering with DEN ELVITEN services with the Duferco Energia mobile D-Mobility app.

A new equipment of 60 charging points for light electric vehicles, added to the 80 positions which were already present, places Genoa at the forefront in trialing light electric mobility. The equipment includes:

  • 12 type 3A wall-boxes and 5 “Bipàro” bike-boxes for parking and recharging electric bicycles between Via Fanti d’Italia and Via Bersaglieri
  • 12 wall-boxes and 4 bike-boxes at Via De Amicis
  • 24 wall boxes and 10 bikes- box at Via Pinelli
  • And further 12 wall boxes and 4 bike-boxes will be installed soon at Corso Andrea Podesta

A video of the event can be found here. A press release of the event can be found on the Municipality of Genoa website (Italian version). You can also check the Duferco Energia LinkedIn page.

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