Genoa participated in the European Mobility Week from 16 to 22 September 2019, with various initiatives aimed at encouraging alternative mobility, more ecological, sustainable and smart.

The Mobility and Transport Department of the Municipality of Genoa organised an event on 20 September at the Palazzo Tursi Representative Hall on ‘Sustainable Mobility – Programmes and Innovative Projects of the Civic Administration’  (“La mobilità sostenibile- Programmi e Progetti innovativi della Civica Amministrazione”) with ELVITEN’s presentation. The event  gave an opportunity to disseminate the sustainable mobility projects carried out in the Municipal context. In particular, the projects funded by the Ministry of the Environment and by the European Union were presented both in implementation and in the beginning phase.

Next to ELVITEN, other projects that are funded by the European Union or the Italian Ministry of the Environment such as DEMO-EC project or Raise-IT and InGe were presented. The DEMO-EC project, for instance, has similar goals as ELVITEN. It fosters low-carbon transport in cities through integration of mobility management by combining the fields of mobility behaviour change, governance, e-mobility, car reduction, walking, cycling and public transport.

The city of Genoa aims with projects like ELVITEN and DEMO-EC to extend it the city’s electric charging network. The objective is implemented by initiatives such as an introduction of electric cars in the car sharing fleet, electric buses in the local public transport fleet and electrical distribution vehicles for goods in the city centre. The Municipality of Genoa presented also various urban cycling and soft mobility projects which are being planned. The event was attended by representatives of Genoa Car Sharing, AMT, Send Eco Genoa Deliveries and the partners with whom the Municipality of Genoa is collaborating on sustainable mobility projects.

Read more on the event on Municipality of Genoa website (in Italian).

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